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Jessica Wilson - Founder of the brow empire

Brow Expert, Beauty Therapist and Educator  

 Jessica's passion for the beauty industry and obsession with brows started at a young age which has given her the ability to develop an eye for detail. With over 9 years industry experience and climbing Jessica has developed overtime her own unique techniques, methods and skills you won't find anywhere else.

She believes that the power to bring about such a flawless transformation is an art, whilst doing this remaining true to the natural attributes of her clients face. 

Her prominence in the industry is the result of her dedication and commitment and that shows to every client, indulging them with her passion, time, talent and eye for detail. Having also attracted high end clientele including celebrities and beauty icons she is one of the most influential and sought - after eyebrow specialists in the industry.

Unlike many other brow Boutiques you can be confident in knowing that Jessica will deliver individually customised and elegantly crafted brows to enhance your natural beauty.

She remains continuously motivated by the transformations of each of her clients and the impact of confidence that this brings to them.


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