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In salon Consultation/deposit                      - $100
(This will be taken off the total procedure amount and is non refundable and 
non transferable)

Initial Eyebrow feathering procedure          -$1,200


Ombré Brows                                               - $1,100


Blade and Shade                                           - $1,350


Combo Brows                                              - $1,400


*After 2 years, the full price will apply. Touch up prices are for existing clients only, All initial appointments include 1 complementary touch up which is valid for 3 months only and aftercare balm. Please contact the salon for yearly touch up pricing*

Keratin Lash Lift                      $150

(Including tint)

Say goodbye to Lash curlers and your mascara for up to 8 weeks! This is not just your regular lash lifting service. Our Keratin Lash treatment will give your Lashes an instant hydrated lift. Using natural keratin to hydrate and stimulate lash growth. Finishing off with a tint to leave them long and luscious. 

HD Luxe Brows                            $70

This is not your regular Eyebrow shape and tinting service. Our HD luxe brows treatment involves; Brow cleanse, waxing, trimming, tweezing, customised tinting and finishing off with our go to styling products. 

Brow Sculpt                                    $30

 This service includes; Brow cleanse, waxing, trimming, tweezing and finishing off with our go to styling products.

Eyebrow Tint                                   $30

Our tinting service includes; brow cleanser and customised tint giving your brows a natural flawless finish.

Keratin Brow Fusion                      $100

 + Wax & Tint                                  $130

Brow Lamination                             $110

+ Wax & Tint                                   $190

Facial waxing

        Lip/Chin wax                         $10 (per area)

All pricing includes GST

*Prices are subject to change at any time*


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